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With the steady influx of new members we have created NGA-B. Members of NGA-S who desire to be more active and one day compete, NGA-B is the fleet for you. NGA-S being purely social.

R- Reserve Social Fleet -- Nothing Mandatory

S- Social--Nothing Mandatory

B- Learning Fleet--Nothing Mandatory but if you want into NGA you had better show up.. Alot!

NGA Main- Comp Fleet-Wednesday night Battles and Supremacy preparation events Mandatory

Navy Gaming America has grown exponentially since the fleet was first started back in the Alpha days of Warships. We started out as a small, tight knit group and now we have over 75 active members. With such good numbers NGA has decided to do what many other top notch clans do and that is make a sub-clan. Many of you may notice that you have NGA-S tags while some have NGA-A tags. I will explain the distinction between the two sub-clans now.

NGA-S is for all intents and purposes Navy Gaming America's main clan. There are no stat requirements to join up. No mandatory training sessions or tournaments. This is the social, we want to hang out and have an awesome time, clan. While NGA participates in all things competitive... NGA-S does it all for fun. If you want to just play for the joy of playing, this is for you. Team battles, skirmishes, and even league play are all available here with an emphasis on just having a good time.

NGA is the much smaller, competitive arm of the fleet. There is only one way to get into this branch of NGA. You have to be a stellar player. Skills, skills, and more skills. We do not accept applications. This sub-fleet is invite only. This is where you have mandatory tactics meetings as well as mandatory training room sessions. The policies are also much more stringent than the main fleet. This is also the group that takes part in anything competitive such as official NGA team battle teams, clan skirmishes, and league play.

Other than that there is no real difference. We are all one big Navy Gaming Family. We all have fun together, division together, and sink sheeps together.

If you would like more info on either branch please do not hesitate to PM me.

That is all.
Jolly out.

Battleship_Constitution tagtagtagtag So NGA-S and NGA-B would be the same type of thing? I ask because S members now want to go to B because of training note...
User Nice.
Synistre tagtag Great Idea :) I can't tell you how much this Clan impresses me and I'm grateful for being a (reasonably new) ...

Welcome New Recruits!

Jolly tagtagtagtag posted Jul 14, 16

Don't forget to join us on Teamspeak. Also, please be sure to check these forums at least once a week as most new information is posted here.

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