War Thunder

scrubmaster1234 tagtagtagtag posted Mar 4, 19

Since our members were kicked out of NGA1 War Thunder Squadron I will making a new team. Any suggestions for the team name? It is a Tank,Plane and ship game.

Oil Battles

scrubmaster1234 tagtagtagtag posted Feb 19, 19

NGA and NGA-S are eligible to compete in Clan Oil battles Friday to Sunday. Thanks to our members for doing the Pre Missions to qualify us.Rules are on the clan tabs. We will be competing against other clans  La Salle and Duke may have more information if you cant find it. Lets Kick Butt.

JollyRoger6969 More names will be added on monday night or tuesday. Have several to add.
Bosunrob tag awesome!!
Nexus_Kerensky Wow! That is awesome, thank you Madboom!

Hello all,

I have created a Paypal account for the community. Members of this community can donate however much or little as they would like towards this fund. Its purpose is for Teamspeak and website Maintenance, Creation of sub clans or changes to current clans, Tournament/ Events prizes ECT.

Money raised on this account will only be used after a full Unanimous vote by all the admirals to expend funds for whatever expense is required with a report to the fleet at the weekly fleet meeting on how much was used and what it was used for and the remaining Balance of the account and updates as donations come in.

I hope we as a community can come together and make this work. Donation Link:

Calphayus, Commander In Chief
NGA Commanding Officer

Don't forget to join us on Teamspeak. Also, please be sure to check these forums at least once a week as most new information is posted here.

And now, some eye candy!

speedy40 tag Great video. Happy Birthday NGA!!
the_eternal_noob Happy Birthday NGA! WOOT! WOOT! Glad to be a part of it. Great video and Kudos to whom so ever made it.
Nathan_James_DDG_151 tagtag That is a very kool video that someone has put up here.... Happy Birthday NGA
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scrubmaster1234 tagtagtagtagSince our NGA members were kicked out of NGA1 Squadron we need a new team name for War Thunder. Suggestions please
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