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Signal Flags in the Shop!

Jolly tagtagtagtag posted Sep 1, 16

Fleetmates! Wargaming has added many more signal flags to the premium shop.

If you are doing the Supremacy Series I suggest getting some of these.

Orvis tagtagtagtag It's great to see wargaming adding more flag packages to the shop, but unfortunately, they have not added the ones ...
Master_Chief69 tagtagtag All of the flags currently on sale are EXp and credit boosters. As long as you have 1 flag of each type on your account ...

HUGE Welcome Back!

Jolly tagtagtagtag posted Aug 29, 16

Lets all take a moment to welcome back Avonmouth! He has been an integral part of the NGA community since the start and has now returned to us.

Welcome back shipmate!

xTheCanadianx tagtagtagtag welcome back avon! trust me i didnt break a thing while u were gone **hides the broken glasses**
Warhawk tagtagtagtag Welocme back, old man...we missed you.
Calphayus tagtagtagtag Welcome Back Avon


Jolly tagtagtagtag posted Aug 27, 16
Congrats goes out to Thotgor on his recent promotion to LT Commander. Thotgor will be filling the role of Tactical Battle Commander.

Warhawk tagtagtagtag Work hard and have fun!
bridder01 tagtagtagtag Congrats on your promotion! Keep up the good work :)
Master_Chief69 tagtagtag Congrats !


Jolly tagtagtagtag posted Jul 27, 16

MmmmmHmmmmm Tasty!

xTheCanadianx tagtagtagtag damn is she single? i think i need me a russian wife
simon70 tag the british tree came out quick

Welcome New Recruits!

Jolly tagtagtagtag posted Jul 14, 16

Don't forget to join us on Teamspeak. Also, please be sure to check these forums at least once a week as most new information is posted here.

And now, some eye candy!

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